Context of the Book “Holly High School”

Context of the Book “Holly High School”

Holly high school is an amazing vampire romance story of a young beautiful girl Alexa Scott. She lives with her mother in Los Angeles. Her mother told her that her father died in a car accident. Her life takes a sharp turn when she enrolls herself in holly high school. Holly high school is a school that is common for both humans and vampires. There, she falls in love with a pure-blood vampire. Later, she finds out that she is neither a human nor a vampire. So, what is she? Adding to the mystery, she has been having one dream for a long time. In the dream, a woman tells her 3 words “ask your mother”. What is the secret her mother is hiding from her? The writer “Authoress Joan” solves all these mysteries in the 20 chapters of this book.

Chapter 1:

Alexa has this dream quite often where she is running bare feet in a dark gloomy area. Suddenly, she comes across a woman with a gold crown on her head. Every time, the woman repeats the same sentence “ask your mother”. The dream always leaves her confused.

Alexa is attending the most prestigious school in loss Angeles-holly high school. It is difficult to differentiate between the humans and the vampires at the school. Alexa has only one friend there whose name is Beverly. She hesitantly reveals that she is a vampire but Alexa is rather happy to hear about it. She gets excited when her friend shows her super speed and ability to read minds. But, her friend makes another revelation to her that she can’t read Alexa’s mind. That is a surprise to her. Furthermore, Beverly tells her about the other significant vampires of the school. Draven is one of the most influential vampires in the school. All the girls drool over his hot body and charismatic face. After that, they head towards the class using super speed of Beverly. Suddenly, Alexa remembers a promise she made to her mother about not making vampire friends. But, it seems like nothing can be done now.

Chapter 2:

Alexa and Beverly talk a lot more about vampires during the lunch break. She tells her that this school was built by lord Badmus to strengthen the bond between humans and vampires. And also, vampires stopped killing humans long ago. When they need blood, they have to buy it.

Beverly also tells Alexa about Ariana. Ariana is notorious for being the most egoistic but beautiful vampire in the whole school. But after admission of Alexa to the school, students are more fascinated by Alexa’s beautiful eyes and long hair. Ariana decides to mess with Alexa and tries to cut her beautiful hair. But, everyone is awestruck, when Ariana lands on the floor with a loud thud.

Chapter 3:

Beverly invites Alexa to a vampire party. Alexa grosses out on seeing blood in the wine glass. Beverly goes to get her a drink. Suddenly, Alexa feels throbbing pain in her head. Her legs start moving automatically to a pool where she sees that someone is drowning. Its Beverly. Alexa dives into the water and pulls her out.


To unlock the mystery of Alexa’s true identity, read the complete book “Holly High School”