Electric Biking 101: Tips and Tricks for Cruising on Two Wheels

Electric Biking 101: Tips and Tricks for Cruising on Two Wheels

Are you ready to join the electric biking revolution? With an electric bike, you can get around town faster and more efficiently than ever before. But if you’re new to the world of electric bikes, you may be a bit intimidated. Have no fear! We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to get out there and ride like a pro.

1. Choose the Right Bike for You

Not all electric bikes are created equal, you can also find electric folding bike these days. So it’s important to find the right one for your needs. First, decide if your primary use will be commuting or leisure riding. Different bikes have different features that make them better suited for either purpose. A cruiser style is probably best if you plan to use your bike mainly for leisurely rides with friends or family. Cruiser-style bikes feature comfortable seats and wide handlebars, making it easy to relax while riding.  

If your main goal is getting from point A to B quickly and efficiently, then a commuter bike would be a good choice. These models come with features like fenders, baskets, and even integrated lights for added safety in low-light conditions. You need to consider how much power your bike needs. Some models offer up to 2000 watts of power. Finally, you need to consider how far you need it to go between charges. A lower-wattage model should do just fine if your rides are mostly short within city limits.

2. Stay Charged Up

Electric bikes require electricity to run, so keeping them charged is critical! Make sure that wherever you store your ebike has access to an outlet. Otherwise, keep an extra charger handy, so you can charge up whenever necessary. Many higher-end models also have USB ports built into their frames so that you can charge up mobile devices while on the go!  

3. Stay Safe

Electric biking can be lots of fun but also comes with certain risks due to its speed advantage over regular bicycles. Ensure you always wear appropriate protective gear, including helmets, while riding and obey local traffic laws. Keeping yourself visible when out on the roads is also key. Reflective clothing works great in low light conditions, as well as signalling properly before turning or changing lanes. Finally, always double-check that your brakes are working properly before setting off on any ride.

4. Accelerate Wisely

Electric bikes can reach top speeds of up to 20mph on flat, level roads – much faster than most traditional bicycles. However, accelerating quickly increases the risk of losing control and crashing, so it’s important to only accelerate at a rate you feel comfortable with. Take your time getting used to your bike before attempting any high-speed maneuvers.


Electric biking can be an incredibly fun way of getting around town without having t worry about gas prices or traffic jams! With the right bike and knowledge of safety considerations under your belt, you'll be zipping around town in no time! So don't wait any longer - get out there on two wheels and enjoy yourself today.