Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Washers With Hot Water

Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Washers With Hot Water

You have probably heard about pressure washers that use hot water but you're still not sure what they are and what their benefits are. Here are some of the most common questions you might have. Make sure you have a tight connection with the electrical cord and that the outlet is suitable for your pressure washer. If you hear a humming sound while using your pressure washer, this is often a faulty capacitor. You can reset the GFCI in your washer's owner's manual.

The most common questions

How to use the pressure washer

One of the most common questions people have is "How do I use pressure washer hot water?" The answer is simple: they work by pulling soap or detergent into the stream of water. But what about dirty surfaces that are chemically bonded? The hardest to clean are those that have chemical bonds with the surface. That means you must use soap or another type of cleaning chemical to break up these bonds. Fortunately, many KranzleUSA pressure washers come equipped with a high-pressure soap injector.

The main problem with running hot water on by-pass mode is the heat produced. If you allow the water to build up too quickly, the pressure washer's pump will wear out and lose its warranty. Most small electric home pressure washers have a warranty that states that running in the by-pass mode for more than five minutes voids the warranty. If you leave your pressure washer running in the by-pass mode for any length of time, you'll be causing unnecessary heat to the pump.

Whether hot water pressure washers are better for cleaning grease-filled surfaces

Cold water just pushes the grease around instead of melting it. Cold water will leave behind a film, while hot water will blast away the dirt and oil. Cold water pressure washers can't reach such depths. However, hot water pressure washers have the advantage of being more powerful.

The distance between the spray wand and the surface to be cleaned

Depending on the surface, the industry recommends six inches between the spray wand and the surface. In addition, you should stand five feet away from the surface, and slowly approach it. You'll want to allow enough time for the spray to cover the surface, otherwise, it will end up looking like you're sprayed paint.

There are two types of pressure washers: gear-driven and direct-drive. A gear-driven pressure washer has a motor that spins at a lower RPM than a direct-drive machine. This means that the water is pumped through the pump at a slower rate, which increases its overall efficiency. A hot-water pressure washer also produces hotter water, which means it cleans more efficiently.

Using a pressure washer with hot water requires more maintenance than one with cold water. You will need to check the oil in the pump transmission frequently. The oil may look milky and need to be changed. If the pump has a hot water inlet, this may damage the soft pump parts. The pump must also be checked for leaks in the system. A hot-water pressure washer may also have more water storage tanks.