How Corex Heating Technology has improved the Vaping Experience

How Corex Heating Technology has improved the Vaping Experience

Whether smoking keeps up with trends or as a healthy alternative, you want the best experience. Over time, some consumers have had bad experiences with vape devices, such as overheating, e-cigarette leaks, inconsistent heating, a coil that does not last, and a lack of flavor consistency.

Vaporesso, founded in 2015, is routed on creating innovations and products that improve the vaping experience of its consumers. Vaporesso pioneered the invention of the Corex to fill the market gap of refillable heating technology. Vaporesso launched Corex in 2019 after a series of prototype testing and research advancements. Go to their website to read more on Vaporesso’s foundation.

Advantages of Using a Vaping Device with the Cortex Heating Technology

Corex is the latest heating technology in the market currently. After its launch in 2019, Corex has received excellent consumer reviews. The benefits of using vape devices with Corex are numerous, as we shall see below.

Efficient flavor and Nicotine Delivery

Corex technology uses a morph mesh with a large surface area for heating; this enables a more significant part of the coil to get to optimum flavor delivery temperature. The former provides large and colorful clouds. The morph mesh has a best flavor temperature zone of 80%, while the traditional mesh has a 40% best flavor temperature zone. Corex can restore flavor; therefore, flavor production is at its optimum even after the consumer uses the same e-liquid for some time.

The range that users vape is 100- 315 degrees Celcius. The flavor might be weak in the lower range, and the taste can degrade at the opposite extreme. Corex forms its basis on a sweet spot with the optimum flavor production, at 200-260 degrees Celcius, subject to the e-liquid. Corex gives immediate satisfaction at first inhale without the need to stall for a warm-up. Corex offers optimal distribution and proportion porosity that increase nicotine delivery by 67%.

Flavor consistency

Due to continual usage, the cotton may lose the ability to retain e-juice, degrading the flavor produced. Corex uses its inventive cotton with 40% higher flavor retention and a service life of 20% more than traditional cotton. Vape devices with standard technology use silica-based and organic cotton that still degrades in terms of liquid retention over time. Corex cotton is made of fluffy microfibers and has a large surface area to absorb and lock the e-juice inside.


Corex has a cellular ceramic core with low thermal conductivity, thus enabling it to last longer as it surfers heat loss. The cortex compound helps it to last longer than any other market product.

Low Power Consumption

Compared to other products, Corex can perform optimally with low power consumption. Corex has mesh embedded in its cellular ceramic core. The distribution of porosity and embedded combusting elements increases the battery life to twice as much.


Corex has improved the vaping experience greatly. It provides efficient flavor delivery, flavor consistency, nicotine delivery, durability, and lower power consumption. For a lasting and pleasurable vaping experience, buy vape devices with the Corex heating technology.