Osias Automotive Jump Starter Guide

Osias Automotive Jump Starter Guide

A Jump starter resembles a portable battery allowing vehicles to ignite or start when the main battery is down. A jump starter has jumper cables or booster cables which are a pair of insulated wires with sufficient capacity and an alligator clip at each end helping in interconnecting your vehicle with an auxiliary source. Visit the official website of Osiaspart to read about their jump starter.

There are a number of jump starters available in the market and it is quite crucial to add one to your car emergency kit in case there is an accidental discharge of the main vehicle battery. Jump starters can be both portable and plug-in types. While portable jump starters have a built-in battery, plug-in charge jump starters have to be connected to a power outlet.

Read on to know more about why you need a jump starter. Later on, in this article, you will also get to know some of the cool features of the jump starter offered by Osias.

Why You Need A Jump Starter?

Anyone who owns a car needs a jump starter at some point. In case if the vehicle’s main battery gets completely discharged due to any reason, a jump starter is needed in order to jump-start the vehicle. The drainage of the vehicle battery is not a rare situation and happens in case you leave the vehicle headlamps, interior electronic items, or ignition switch on, when the engine is off, which will discharge the battery quickly.

In order to be on the safe side, it is important to have a jump starter in your car in order to eliminate the risk of no movement due to a dead car battery.

Some Cool Features Of Osias Jump Starter

Osias provides you with a high quality 12 Volt jump starter with some super cool features. Hop on to the following points to know more.

1. 425 Cranking Amps

You might be aware of the fact that looking up the number of cranking amps is an important consideration while choosing a battery and the higher the number of the cranking amps, the better the battery would be and there will be more power provided to the vehicle. Osias jump starter provides you with 425 cranking amps which will charge your battery and provide your vehicle with the power which can be sustained for long.

2. Voltmeter

If you want to provide your vehicle with the best portable jump starter, look no further because the Osias jump starter is the perfect solution for you. While providing you with so many amazing features that will make jumpstarting your vehicle more effective and convenient, it also provides you with a voltmeter which allows you to keep a check on the charge status of the onboard battery.

3. Heavy Duty AWG Cables

The Osias jump starter has two 46 inches long heavy duty AWG welding cable leads that assist you in easy jump starting of the vehicle as it enables the jump starter to connect to the starting points on the vehicle owing to the long length of the cable. Therefore, in order to provide your vehicle with the best and the most convenient jump starter Osias is your best bet!

4. 22Ah Battery Life

With the Osias jump starter, you can get a 22Ah battery life, therefore, providing you with a long battery life so that your vehicle does not go powerless. By providing you with the 22Ah battery life, the Osias jump starter assists in a hassle free performance and delivers exceptional power to your vehicle.

5. 12-volt DC Power Outlet

The Osias jump starter provides you with an electrical outlet that inputs 12 volts, therefore, providing you with an innovative and quality solution to your vehicle related problems. The 12 Volt DC power outlet is a portable car cigarette lighter power supply outlet that is suitable for supplying power in most vehicles.


To conclude this article, it is safe to say that Osias is the perfect destination for you if you are in need of a reliable jump starter. The Osias jump starters have high performance CLORE PROFORMER batteries that are designed to provide your vehicle with maximum power. With a number of high quality jump starters with numerous amazing features, you are sure to tow your vehicle and provide it with the best servicing possible.